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  1. Aaron Gillum Aaron Gillum

    Strategy, fundraising, business development

  2. Anna Maria Viti-Welch Anna Maria Viti-Welch

    Business Insurance/ New Business Development/ Small Business/ Health Insurance

  3. Ashley Hartman Ashley Hartman

    Growth strategy, Scaling, Investment

  4. Branko Trajkovski Branko Trajkovski

    Outsourcing, SaaS, software development, CTO, fleet management, large scale applications

  5. Brian Meek Brian Meek

    basic banking services, financing, treasury management and 30 years in financial services

  6. Chris Arndt Chris Arndt

    Financial Modeling, Lean Analytics, Accounting, Financial Modeling, CFO

  7. Daniel J. O'Keefe Dan O'Keefe, Signature Bank

    Commercial Banking, Early Stage Financing, Finance for Entrepreneurs, SBA Loans

  8. Daniel Wang Daniel Wang

    Angel Investing, SAAS, AI, Deep Learning, IOT, Robotics.

  9. Darcie Streckfuss Darcie Streckfuss
  10. Dave Shulman Dave Shulman, Chicago ArchAngels

    pitch deck help, executive summary help, pro-forma projection help, Fund raising

  11. Panther Capital David Friedman


  12. Donna Rockin Donna Rockin

    Financing a small business, Preparing realistic Cash Flow Projections, Networking

  13. Holly Glowaty Holly Glowaty

    Prepaid, Gift Card, Payment Technology, Loyalty Programs AND Public Speaking

  14. Iggy Khan Iggy Khan

    financial services, banking, digital strategy, online strategy, mobile strategy, commercialization, data analytics, fraud

  15. Jackie DiMonte Jackie DiMonte

    IoT (Internet of Things), SaaS, Early Stage Fundraising

  16. Jay Pomatto Jay Pomatto

    Presenting to institutional investors; Raising Investment Capital; Relationship Management

  17. Justin Sorto Justin Sorto
  18. Marc Pershan Marc Pershan
  19. Michael Lavin Michael Lavin

    Food Technology, Agriculture Technology, Supply Chain, Production, Market Research, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Transaction Advisory

  20. Michael Rosenbaum Michael Rosenbaum

    Investor targeting and cultivation, Productive marketing/corporate strategy, Effective presentation/communication techniques

  21. Paul Zielinski Paul Zielinski

    Financial Modeling, Product Pricing, Market Sizing, Business Case Development, Strategy Design and Execution, Operational Design and Implementation

  22. EGrAdvisors Rahul Uppal

    Business planning; Internal strategy; External fundraising; Pitch Decks; Financial planning; Financial models; Data analytics

  23. Rebecca Berneck Rebecca Berneck

    Financial Management, QuickBooks, Cash Flow, Financial Reporting, KPIs

  24. Rob Pasquesi Rob Pasquesi

    Accounting, Taxes, Business Formation, Bookeeping, Financial Statements.

  25. Rose Paleczny Rose Paleczny

    Bank Financing, Collecting Customer Payments, Fraud Prevention, Start Up Banking, Access to Credit

  26. Sharon McDade Sharon McDade

    Go-to-Market Growth Strategy, Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Retention and Development Strategy, Digital-Social- Mobile Media Strategy, Sales Channel Effectiveness Strategy

  27. Tony Wilkins Tony Wilkins
  28. William Robinson, Silicon Valley Bank William Robinson


  1. Anu George
  2. Jackson Jhin Jackson Jhin
  3. Ryan Kole Ryan Kole

    Market Research, IP, Raising Capital, Pitch Deck and Presentations

Health & Wellness

  1. Gina Marotta Gina Marotta

    Breakthrough being stuck, Creative Brainstorming, Resourcefulness, Marketing Strategy, Persuasive Writing, Networking, Business Connections, Intuitive Readings

  2. Karen Newkirk, CEO - KNEW Coaching & Consulting, LLC Karen Newkirk

    Employee Relations, Recruiting, Talent Management, Culture, Performance Management, Leadership & Life/Career Coaching

  3. Rebekah Kane Rebekah Kane

    stress management, self-care and balance; time management; action plans; getting unstuck


  1. Alice Kelly Alice Kelly

    Trademarks, Copyrights, Commercial dispute resolution, Flat fee services

  2. Amish Shah Amish Shah

    Corporate Structure, Equity, Fundraising, Founders Issues, General

  3. Legal In A Box, Inc. Amy Toepper

    "An attorney for every business." - Attorney services for every size business.

  4. DLA Piper Briana Belligio
  5. Daliah Saper Daliah Saper

    Social Media Law, Trademark and Copyright Law, Software Licensing Agreements, General Business Counseling

  6. Elaine Wyder Harshman Elaine Wyder Harshman

    Entity Formation, Contracts, Securities and Fundraising, Intellectual Property

  7. Esther Barron Esther Barron
  8. Fiona McEntee, McEntee Law Fiona McEntee

    immigration attorney, U.S. visas, immigration issues for start-ups

  9. Heather Harper Heather Harper
  10. Kathleen Brennan Kathleen Brennan

    Trademark selection, protection, registration, enforcement; cease and desist, infringement, challenge; trademark application, registration; copyright application, registration

  11. Marcus Thymian Marcus Thymian

    Intellectual property, patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, intellectual property counseling and strategies

  12. Matt Meltzer Matt Meltzer
  13. Megan Mathias Megan Mathias

    Trademarks, corporate organization and governance; corporate formation; employment issues; restrictive covenants (non-compete/non-solicit) Benefits of Attending

  14. Melissa Widen Melissa Widen

    risk management, problem solving, attracting talent, developing talent, and partnerships.

  15. Peter Nadimi Peter Nadimi

    Corporate formation, mergers and acquisition, venture capital financing, policy, regulatory, technology licensing, open source, contract negotiations, contract drafting, intellectual property, and privacy law

  16. Russell Cass Russell Cass

    Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Software protection

  17. Scott Cruz Scott Cruz
  18. Tricia Meyer Tricia Meyer

    entrepreneurial law firm helping technology companies w/ founder's agreements, vesting, contracts, employment, protection of intellectual property and fundraising.


  1. Aimee Schuster Aimee Schuster

    Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Demand Generation, Marketing Automation, Public Relations, Communications, Content, Early Stage Fundraising

  2. Alexander Krasnikov Alexander Krasnikov

    marketing strategy, marketing research, customer analytics, intellectual property, trademarks

  3. Allyson Dietz Allyson Dietz

    Corporate strategy and planning, brand marketing and advertising plans, international marketing, and project management

  4. Amanda Spann Amanda Spann

    Marketing strategy, product launches, innovation marketing, app development

  5. Andrea Herrera Andrea Herrera

    23 year business owner, Great connector, to people, to organizations to resources,, Chaired national conference on leadership, Past President Entrepreneurs Organization Chicago, currently global leadership team, MWBE

  6. Andy Friedman Andy Friedman

    Content strategy, social strategy, digital marketing, content marketing, blogging, multimedia, public relations

  7. Becky Adelberg Becky Adelberg
  8. Brittany Magnin Brittany Magnin

    Multicultural Digital Marketing, Localization, Globalization, Social Media Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Growth Hacking

  9. China Panion China Panion

    Marketing, Small Business Consulting, Branding, Social Media, Integrated Marketing, Events, Sponsorship, Content Marketing

  10. Dana Bina Dana Bina

    digital marketing, product development, team leadership, inclusivity

  11. Danielle Yadegar Danielle Yadegar

    Technology, marketing, partnerships, fashion, and content.

  12. David VanHimbergen David VanHimbergen

    corporate innovation, business modeling, Brand/Marketing strategy

  13. Demetrio P. Cardona-Maguigad Demetrio P. Cardona-Maguigad
  14. Doug Levy Doug Levy

    Hispanic Marketing, Media, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Broadcasting

  15. Eileen Lopez Eileen Lopez
  16. Ethelbert Williams Ethelbert Williams

    Keywords: e-commerce, demand generation, B2B marketing, sales strategy, digital media, brand strategy, PR/communications, CRM/email marketing, partnerships/sponsorships, talent development and leadership coaching

  17. Imani Khayyuh Imani Khayyuh

    Global Customer Engagement, Customized Brand Experience & Strategies, Creative Design Strategy, Event Production, Communication Strategy.

  18. Jacque Flaherty Jacque Flaherty

    Marketing strategy, marketing research, customer analytics, intellectual property, trademarks, messaging/content development

  19. Jason Randolph Jason Randolph

    Maximizing the Profitability of Ride Sharing in Real-time

  20. Jill Salzman Jill Salzman

    marketing, branding, sales, public speaking, podcasting

  21. Jim Spinello Jim Spinello

    Birdsong Ventures is a highly curated collective of investors, advisors and influencers focused on building early stage companies.

  22. Jodi Navta - Mentor Jodi Navta

    Marketing strategy, integrated marketing and communications (IMC), customer insights, lead generation, content marketing, customer retention, internal communications, public relations

  23. Judith Nemes Judith Nemes

    Media strategy, media communications, social media, internal communications, public engagement

  24. Kaleigh Simmons Kaleigh Simmons

    Go to market strategy, content, marketing automation, lead generation, customer analytics, public relations, email marketing

  25. Karen Vaughan Karen Vaughan

    Media relations, crisis communications, strategic planning, government relations, editing, serving as a spokesperson (including on-camera interviews)

  26. Kat Park Kat Park

    User research, user interviews, usability testing, surveys, customer journey mapping, persona creation, sitemaps, user flows, wireframing, prototyping, design review

  27. Kate Le Furgy Kate Le Furgy

    public relations, public policy, strategic communications, media relations, corporate communications, community engagement, external relations, digital strategy

  28. Kathleen Barr Kathleen Barr

    Technology Communications, Public Relations, Media Strategy, Executive / Entrepreneur Thought Leadership, Policy Communications, Coalition Building

  29. Kellee Johnson Kellee Johnson

    Branding strategy, storytelling methodologies, PR strategy, integrated marketing, connecting the dots for generating brand awareness

  30. Kelly McCabe Kelly McCabe

    Media, Marketing, Sales, Innovation

  31. Kevin Ludden Kevin Ludden

    Brand strategy, Marketing, Cause Marketing, Creative Director, Ideation

  32. Kevin Williams Kevin Williams

    Copywriting, Digital Communications, and content management. Branding strategist Marketing communications/Social

  33. Kiley Peters Kiley Peters

    SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, Branding, UX Design

  34. Kimberly Brown Kimberly Brown

    Real human connection exists at the intersection of data, technology and marketing

  35. Laritza Lopez Laritza Lopez

    Marketing strategy, branding, marketing/sales operations, PR/communications, customer analytics/segmentation

  36. Laura Jacobs Laura Jacobs

    Health care marketing, science writing, health and medical writing, health care marketing strategy

  37. Laura Lundin Laura Lundin

    Business/social impact alignment, business development pitch strategy, marketing strategy, marketing communications, consumer experience design, cross cultural communications

  38. Lauren Ramsey Lauren Ramsey
  39. Lindsay Mullen Lindsay Mullen

    Marketing, PR, media outreach, messaging strategy, key message development, demand generation

  40. Lindsay Slutzky Lindsay Slutzky

    Public relations, growth hacking, content marketing, copywriting, marketing, work-life/mom-life balance

  41. Lisa Totino Lisa Totino

    digital strategy, user research, usability testing, content strategy, social media, SEO

  42. Mark Daniel Mark Daniel

    Media & Entertainment, Content Management, Video Production, Content Distribution, Content Archiving

  43. Mary Kozelka Mary Kozelka

    Branded content strategy, video production and optimization, social audience growth, public relations & press strategy.

  44. Meghan Hoover Meghan Hoover

    · Marketing strategy & channel development · Social & digital planning · Customer segmentation, micro segmentation & positioning · Research methods · AI & Machine Learning strategy & monetization · Global expansion & strategy

  45. Micaela Green Micaela Green

    Consumer Industry, Financial Modeling, Marketing/Branding, Fundraising, Management.

  46. Michael Cowen Michael Cowen

    public relations, earned media, promotion, communications marketing

  47. Mick Swasko Mick Swasko

    Public Relations, communications, social media, media training, interview practice, media outreach

  48. Monika Labbe Monika Labbe

    Time management, getting more clients, work/life balance, pricing, staffing, creating systems, branding, website/marketing materials.

  49. Natalie Bauer Luce Natalie Bauer Luce

    Communications strategy, including messaging and strategic positioning, executive speech and presentation training media relations, social media

  50. Nick Hendricks Nick Hendricks

    Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Content Discovery & Marketing, Public Relations, Local SEO & Local Marketing Strategies, Early Stage Startup Marketing Strategies, Marketing Analytics Set-Up & Troubles

  51. Patricia Aguilar Patricia Aguilar

    sports brand design, corporate brand design, animation & Video, practical business education, project management, client services

  52. Patti Heath Patti Heath

    Part Skill. Part Intuition. Part Gladiator

  53. Paula Weigel Paula Weigel

    marketing strategy, integrated marketing communications, design, business development | sales strategy, experiential marketing, mobile apps

  54. Pavel Sokolovsky Pavel Sokolovsky

    e-commerce, marketing strategy, digital marketing, fundraising, b2c, home services, real estate, construction, operations

  55. Rachel Portell Rachel Portell

    Digital marketing, digital marketing strategy, social media, social media advertisements, advertising strategy

  56. Lenora Houseworth Weston REMOTE MENTOR: Lenora Houseworth Weston

    Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Website/Blog Management

  57. Reva Minkoff Reva Minkoff
  58. Richard Campagna Richard Campagna

    Web analytics, digital marketing, business acumen, partnerships, Product Test and Learn

  59. Rity Upadhyaya Rity Upadhyaya

    Product Management, Strategy, Customer Discovery, Growth, Metrics, UX, MVP, Product Market Fit

  60. Robert Hess Robert Hess
  61. Robert K. Elder Robert K. Elder

    Branding, marketing, Big Data, building the right team, branding, budgeting, media, UX design, web and mobile app development, artificial intelligence and personalization engines.

  62. Sarah Hamilton Sarah Hamilton

    Communications, Strategy, Management, Crisis, Messaging

  63. Sean Anderson Sean Anderson

    Marketing, communications, marketing strategy, public affairs, PR, public relations, strategic planning, government affairs, branding, business planning, operations, management, politics

  64. Sheena Lakhani, Burson Lift Sheena Lakhani - Burson Lift

    Public Relations Strategy, Message Development, Media Interviews

  65. Solomon Thimothy Solomon Thimothy

    SEO, PPC, SEM, Inbound Marketing, Startup Marketing

  66. Suzanne Karpick Suzanne Karpick

    Strategic communications, Message development, Business Development, Team-building, Stakeholder relation

  67. Teri Arvesu Teri Arvesu

    Communication, Content, Content Creation, Messaging, Marketing, Latinos, Hispanic, Media, Bilinguals, Millennials, Storytelling,

  68. Vanessa Abron Vanessa Abron

    public relations, media relations, event, content development, planning, and strategy, marketing

  69. Wendy Lussier Wendy Lussier

    Public relations strategy & execution, Strategic planning, New business development/RFPs

  70. Zack Price Zack Price

Product & Technology

  1. Alan Mindlin Alan Mindlin

    Hardware, Product Design, Manufacturing, Prototyping, and Product Management

  2. Alameda Holdings, LLC Alberto Moriondo

    We help early stage start-ups with business planning, market development and fundraising initiatives

  3. Alex Castrounis Alex Castrounis

    Scalable software, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT solutions

  4. Alex Moy Alex Moy

    Product Management, Business Development, Mobile, Strategy, Corporate Venture Capital, Leadership

  5. Alissa Ampezzan Alissa Ampezzan

    User experience, User research + testing Design for data Design thinking + facilitation

  6. Bonnie Massa Bonnie Massa

    Marketing Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Customer Segmentation

  7. Bryan Lauer Bryan Lauer

    Technology and Service strategy is my strength – Ideas/concepts made into solutions: Captive Portal Services, all things Internet, Patent Strategy, Traffic Policy, Data visualization and QoS.

  8. Candice Savino Candice Savino

    Scaling your tech platform during Growth stage, Tech organizational strategy, high availability/scalability strategies, diversity in STEM strategy

  9. Carmen McDonald Carmen McDonald
  10. Chereesca Bejasa Chereesca Bejasa

    CTO services, Tech strategy, Product Strategy, Product Management, Lean Startup, Software Development, Agile, Ruby on Rails, Mobile App Development, KPIs, User Adoption

  11. Danny Sack Danny Sack

    Product management, Product strategy, product portfolio strategy, go-to-market, positioning, B2B, sales training, collateral strategy, business case development

  12. David Giard David Giard

    Technology; Cloud Computing; Software; Web; Mobile

  13. Derek Steelberg Derek Steelberg

    Enterprise (G2000) computing and infrastructure technology Teaming with Systems Integrators Teaming with enterprise software companies International experience (lived for 17 years in Europe)

  14. Donato Ceres Donato Ceres

    business development, product development, strategic business analysis, strategic marketing, startup dynamics and development, investors relations, negotiations, intellectual properties, patents.

  15. LimeRed Studio Emily Lonigro Boylan

    Strategy, Web Design, Creative Design, Project Management

  16. Eric Brooke Eric Brooke

    Technologist, Strategist, Culture Specialist, Product/Marketing

  17. James Keck James Keck, Accenture

    Discovering emerging tech. Startup – Enterprise partnerships. Ideating and Incubating. Design Thinking.

  18. Jeffrey Dirrenberger Jeffrey Dirrenberger

    Monetization, Mobile Strategy, Product Optimization, Usability/User Retention, Design, Storytelling

  19. Packback Jessica Tenuta

    Engineering Management | Product Development | Graphic Design & UX / UI | Brand Development

  20. Joe Chung Joe Chung

    Cloud and application architecture, technology strategy, big data and analytics technology, business case presentation

  21. Judi Spaletto Judi Spaletto
  22. Karlyn Callahan Karlyn Callahan

    CyberSecurity, Security Architecture, Security Strategy, IT Regulatory Compliance, Governance, Technology Leadership, Planning/Strategy, Business Continuity

  23. Martin Schray, Microsoft Martin Schray, Microsoft

    Cloud computing, mobile backends, NO SQL, VMs, cloud databases, PaaS,

  24. Omar Halaseh Omar Halaseh

    Business development Planning, Growth Strategy, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Solution Selling, Complex Sales, Account Planning, Distribution Structure, Partner Development, Building Sales Organization

  25. Paul Cowgill Paul Cowgill

    technology, software, engineering, product, agile, cloud, back end, mobile, equity, data science, firmware, IoT, architecture, hiring

  26. Peter Krzyzek Peter Krzyzek

    Online Marketing Strategy, Web Development, Wordpress, Conversion Rate Optimization, Funnels, Automations, Process Creation, eCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Email Marketing, Website UX Strategy, Direct Mail Strategy, Sales Copywriting, Virtual Assistant Hiri

  27. Rhiannon Zivin Rhiannon Zivin

    UX Research, Design Research, Personas, NPS, Customer Satisfaction, Qualitative Research, Ethnography, Contextual Inquiry, Usability Testing, Observation, Customer Interviews, Mental Models, Customer Experience, Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, Heur

  28. Rocio Baeza Rocio Baeza

    Cybersecurity, data privacy, data security, virtual security team

  29. Salma Saad Salma Saad

    Product roadmap, Product requirements, Product strategy, Technical Architecture, Technical Design, Software development, Engineering Management, Recruiting technical staff, Agile process, Scrum

  30. Todd Escalona Todd Escalona

    Public Cloud Consumption, Application Architecture, Amazon Web Services, Team Leadership, Field Sales Engagement and Influence.

  31. Veda Konduru Veda Konduru

    AI, Technical Product architecture, Technology roadmap, Machine Learning based approach to data, BI versus predictive analytics


  1. Ashley Lucchese
  2. Laura Fendrich Laura Fendrich

    Recruiting, Technical Recruiting, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition

  3. Mina Patel Mina Patel

    + HR Design + Recruitment Strategy & Execution +Talent Management/Performance + Policy & Program Development + Orientation & On-boarding + HR Compliance + Workforce Planning & Optimization + Employment Engagement + Retention Strategies + Benefits + HC Car


  1. Brigitte Anderson Brigitte Anderson

    Ideation, International, Strategy, Go to Market Structures, Market Research, Competitive Intelligence

  2. Iggy Rodriguez Iggy Rodriguez

    Sales Strategy, Sales structure, CRM implementation, Salesforce best practice Marketing automation

  3. Jamie Shah Jamie Shah

    Making Boring Businesses Sexy, Scaling Your Business, Understanding Term Sheets, Tackling Operational Inefficiencies, all things finance and family business

  4. JD Miller JD Miller

    Sales Strategy, Social Selling, Market Development, Territory Planning, Account Based Marketing. Sales.

  5. Jerrit Tan Jerrit Tan

    B2B sales, health tech, enterprise healthcare software, SaaS sales

  6. Jochen Jochen "Joe" Renz

    Sales Enablement, Operations, Business Development, Enterprise Sales

  7. Kevin Baumgart Kevin Baumgart

    B2B Sales, Sales Hiring, Inside Sales, Sales Process, Cold Calling

  8. Kristen Holman Kristen Holman

    Gain knowledge, direction and resources on putting together your advertising plan.

  9. Lorna Johnson Lorna Johnson

    Sales and marketing strategy, innovation, explosive growth, buying psychology, competitive analysis, market differentiation, peak performance mindset, consciousness mastery, genius activation

  10. Michael Lucas Michael Lucas

    Business development/sales, strategy positioning, capital raising, entrepreneurship, value proposition, presentation decks, risk management/mitigation

  11. Nicole Staple Nicole Staple

    marketing, marketing strategy, customer analytics, sales cycle analytics, cashflow management, fundraising, sales, sales organization, ecommerce, retail

  12. Peggy Klingel Peggy Klingel
  13. Rosetta Bowie Rosetta Bowie

    Sales, business development, product positioning, process improvement, leadership development, strategy, coaching.

  14. Tim Schumm Tim Schumm

    Building Sales Organization, Scaling through Infrastructure, Culture Building, Talent Acquisition Strategies, Leadership Skills Coaching

  15. Victoria Nones Victoria Elena Nones

    Pitching, Sales, Pitch Deck, Presentation Skills, Pitch


  1. Raise The Bar Aaron Levy

    Unlock your people potential

  2. Abby Ross Abby Ross

    Scaling a start-up, strategy, customer success, sales, product development, go to market, KPIs

  3. Abigail Stach Campbell Abigail Stach Campbell

    Standardization, control design (policies/procedures), communication, team building, conflict resolution, general management

  4. Adam Birnbaum Adam Birnbaum

    SaaS, startup, growth, operations, metrics, bootstrap, bootstrapping, hiring, COO, chief operating officer, corp dev, online marketing, digital marketing, remote, distributed, marketing, partnerships, managing a team, culture, productivity, tools, photogr

  5. Alex Batdorf Alex Batdorf

    strategy, marketing strategy, brand building, fundraising

  6. Alexis LeFevour Alexis Lefevour

    Risk, business process improvements, compliance, and project management- Do you know where your company's strengths and weaknesses are?

  7. Alya Adamany Woods Alya Adamany Woods

    Network, Strategy, Resources, Opportunities, Talent

  8. Amit Pandey Amit Pandey

    International Business Development, Global Technology Development, Strategic Startup Guidance

  9. Amy Rosenow Amy Rosenow

    Entrepreneur, financial industry veteran, hedge fund and angel investor, passionate working mom and philanthropist. Always try to keep my sense of humor as I work to keep many balls in the air.

  10. Andrea Saenz Andrea Saenz

    service design, design thinking, human-centered design, public sector innovation, adult education, K12 education, managing teams, social impact

  11. Anne Hoffer Anne Hoffer

    Executive Marketing, Revenue Growth, Product Innovation, Monetization, Technology Aquisitions

  12. Ashley Lukasik Ashley Lukasik

    design strategy; design thinking; research; prototyping; communication; storytelling; product innovation; service innovation; social impact; strategic partnerships; human-centered design

  13. Audre Kapacinskas Audre Kapacinskas

    Market Entry Strategy, Pricing, Deal Structure, Partnerships, Growth, Acquisitions

  14. Aviva Rosman Aviva Rosman

    Business model canvas, experiments, lean startup, Facebook targeting, Mechanical Turk, innovation, growth, fundraising

  15. Ben Hafele Ben Hafele
  16. Betty Jang Betty Jang

    Business strategy, identifying potential contract pitfalls, marketing pitches, presenting to a Board/senior management, legal/compliance/privacy perspective

  17. Bob Girolamo Bob Girolamo
  18. Brittany Graunke Brittany Graunke

    Operations, financial modeling, data based decision making, expansion strategy, analytics and reporting

  19. Carrie Roath Ernst Carrie Roath Ernst
  20. Cate Costa Cate Costa