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Red Fog

Fantasy Cryptocurrency Games -- Rise to the Challenge

Our mission is to help educate people through gamification. Competition that is fun, played by competitors around the globe, without the need to risk your life savings – it is the perfect way to help individuals understand the many benefits crypto offers.

Red Fog brings a unique dimension to cryptocurrency in that our games can be enjoyed by individuals young and mature, with no prior experience necessary. Real-time data and news determine the outcome and with each victory, your Fog Token balance will grow and tougher challenges will be unlocked. 

Red Fog Cryptocurrency games take skill or sometimes a new strategy to climb the leader board … maybe even the All-Time Ranks.  Learn more about Crypto by getting to know your competitors, try and defeat your friends.  Maybe you’ll outplay a professional fund or your favorite social media personality.

Play for fun. Play for free. Climb the leaderboards.

Rise to the Challenge!

Red Fog aims to educate people through the gamification of cryptocurrency. Players worldwide - any age - can participate, learn and Rise to the Challenge with no prior experience necessary.

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What is Crypto Cloud?

Red Fog has developed the CRYPTO CLOUD for individual and professional investors looking for an advantage.

Cryptocurrency ratings are objectively data-driven, with updates in real time. We derive the overall Red Fog Rating by aggregating a particular coin or token’s score across 5 core areas.

” C L O U D ” represents each of the categories;

  •  Climate

  •  Liquidity

  •  Opinion

  •  Use Case

  •  Development

Other platforms tend to focus on just a handful traditional investment KPI’s in isolation.  CRYPTO CLOUD boasts industry-leading optics that span technical trading signals, coin fundamentals, social engagement, sentiment, brand traction, the development roadmap and team.

Confidence to invest prudently is our mantra. Find out why investors identify CRYPTO CLOUD as their solution to navigate unseen risk and investment opportunities in this emerging crypto asset class.


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