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A Conversation with "Millennial Mentor" Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams - serial entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, and Co-Founder of Elite Daily - joins 1871 CEO Howard Tullman for an exclusive fireside chat on his unique brand of entrepreneurship and how he found success following non-traditional paths. Sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank.

Monday, November 7, 2016
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (Central Standard Time)
1871 Auditorium

This event has ended.

About Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams, co-founder of Elite Daily, the No.1 news platform for Generation Y, is an experienced angel investor, millennial thought leader and social entrepreneur who overcame early adversity to become a self-made millionaire by the age of 24. Now 30, he has built, backed or invested in nine businesses and trades across multiple industries that have all delivered over seven-figure profits. While he continues his role as an investor and influencer, his mission in life is to mentor and inspire young entrepreneurs on what it takes to be successful and how to turn dreams into reality. 

In December 2011, Gerard co-founded and invested in his fastest-growing business idea: Elite Daily. Known as the “Voice of “Generation Y,” the website quickly grew to become the No. 1 platform for news geared toward millennials and was acquired by The Daily Mail in 2015.

Prior to this, Gerard founded various successful companies, including his first online business, a stock forum; Wall Street Grand, an online investor relations and financial marketing company; and National Inflation Association, which helps educate consumers how to survive and prosper in any economy.

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A Conversation with

Event Flyer - A Conversation with "Millennial Mentor" Gerard Adams

Event Flyer

Event Flyer - A Conversation with "Millennial Mentor" Gerard Adams

Event Flyer

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