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Every startup needs a support system to launch -- and that’s why 1871 created “PYROS".

PYROS is a 14-week program that fundamentally changes the membership experience giving you access to a white-glove approach for resources, tools, mentors, workshops, curriculum, and peer groups curated for where you and your startup are in development. 

The curated set of seminars and deep-dives enable your business through product strategy, business fundamentals, and leadership development at whatever stage you are in:

  1. Explore: For founders who are passionate about a business idea and want to test it

  2. Build: For founders who have demonstrated some early market validation with a scrappy prototype

  3. Launch: For founders who have identified early indicators of product/market fit and are ready to test growth strategies and the business model

  4. Grow: For founders who have proven the business model works and the market is there and are ready to scale the team and the company

PYROS is a member-only benefit of 1871,  there is no extra cost to participate and you can find more details here. To join, all you have to do is complete this form which helps us to determine the stage in which you will begin.

  • Full-time members with Shared, Designer/Developer, or Reserved Memberships have complete access to PYROS.
  • Part-time members that have a ‘Nights & Weekends’ Membership can access only the Explore stage.

Get the most out of your 1871 member experience and join PYROS!

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